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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Flagship To Come In 4 Variants

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Flagship To Come In 4 Variants


Samsung’s flagship smartphone Galaxy Note 10 is expected to come in multiple models. A recent report says that the Galaxy Note 10 will come in four variants, and the vanilla variant will be modelled with the strategy similar to S10. There will be two LTE models and two 5G models.  

The display sizes on all the Galaxy Note 10 four variants will be at 6.28-inch and 6.75-inch. The 6.28-inch variant is tipped to be a product shaped after seeing Galaxy S10e’s success.

The Galaxy Note 10 will also come in four variants, just like its Galaxy S10 series launched in February. The display sizes on the LTE variants will be at 6.28-inch and 6.75-inch. The phones will sport triple rear and quad rear camera setups respectively. The report says that there will be two 5G models as well, and they won’t differ much from the LTE models, apart from the faster connectivity. However, we expect the 5G variants to pack bigger batteries.

The report says that Samsung looks to launch the Galaxy Note 10 in multiple models to maximise sales volume, and attract more purchases. The smaller size in display is touted to be a decision made after the success of the Galaxy S10e something that was reported by another South Korean publication last week. The idea is essentially to offer users a smartphone with a smaller display and a cheaper price tag, without stripping down many features. Samsung would want to offer the same with its Galaxy Note series as well, and thus a new variant with a 6.28-inch display.

Of course, it’s very early in the year to give any Samsung Galaxy Note 10 rumours too much thought. We recommend you to take this one rather lightly.